Keywords can break or make your online business, so it is important to be on familiar terms with the steps to come across convertible keywords. If you need to find relative volume level, then, a simple ‘keyword research tool’ is what he needs. However, if you wish to dive really deep and obtain full information on your keywords, below are given some points.

Keyword ResearchTen steps to find right keywords

  1. For relative search volume, you can decide to use those sources, namely Google Adwords keyword tools,, and Wordtracker keyword tools.
  2. When are the queries in higher demand? Knowing this will certainly help you forecast when the competition may ramp-up and extra SEO endeavors as well as offer insights into market overall.  If demands have been steadily dropping over last couple of years, you might wish to use different terms.
  3. Knowing about top-ranking domains can help you immensely in having an understanding of competitive landscape.
  4. The entire social-media sphere will demonstrate how often a keyword is showing in conversation or content in forums.
  5. By searching for targeted terms at search engine and indentifying vertical results in top listings, you can implement certain techniques to reach there.
  6. It is also important to know the objectives or intent of persons looking for your targeted keywords.
  7. Testing the relevance between keyword and product/service/content you offer can do a tremendous job forecasting which terms (keywords) can bring traffic.
  8. You can opt for PPC advertising campaign if he does not wish to bid for ‘keywords’ through paid campaigns.
  9. Finding top related questions is another way to locate right keywords.
  10. The 10th step is to conduct a research about legal issues surrounding keywords you are planning to target. Using trademarked phrases and terms on the website may cause various attorney problems.